Another myth about Waldorf education, cultivated by "PLANS Inc."
Among PLANS' favorite myths about Waldorf education, are the following:
"Anthroposophy is a religion", and "Enrolling your children in an independent Waldorf school, or a public Waldorf-methods school, means you are putting them in an anthroposophical parochial school, thereby subjecting them to religious indoctrination."
By 2004, PLANS Inc had spent years collecting material to support the litigation it had filed in 1998 against two public school districts in California. In a motion that year, PLANS requested that the Court rule that anthroposophy is a religion for the purposes of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, as a matter of law, based on the pretrial record.

But the Court, in spite of extensive references by PLANS to the works of Rudolf Steiner, did not agree with their argumentation, and denied the motion, stating that "triable issues of material fact exist as to whether anthroposophy is a religion".

For more on the motion and the ruling, see here and here.

For a discussion of the first part of the myth ("Anthroposophy is a religion"), see here.

For a discussion of the second part of the myth ("Not only Waldorf schools, but also Waldorf-methods schools are deceptive anthroposophical parochial schools, illegally subjecting the pupils to religious indoctrination") see here.

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