A third myth about Waldorf education, cultivated by "PLANS Inc."
One of the numerous catch-word myths, which PLANS repeatedly tries to spread in various articles and mailing lists, as part of their anti-Waldorf campaign, is:
"Anthroposophy is a cult" and "Waldorf education is part of that cult".
For a discussion of this myth, which PLANS advertised on a number of search engines on the Internet through Overture.com the last year, see here (coming). 

The discussion shows that anthroposophy and the various Anthroposophical Societies world wide fulfill none of the basic criteria for cults. The very essence of anthroposophy is the respect for the innate freedom of each human being. For example:

"When confronted with the child, the teacher must be imbued with the awareness that he is dealing with an innately free human being. With this attitude he will be able to work out educational principles and methods which will safeguard the child's inborn freedom so that in later life, when a pupil looks back upon his school days, he will not find any infringement upon his personal freedom, not even in the aftereffects of his education." 
[Rudolf Steiner: Soul Economy in Waldorf Education, pp. 206]
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