A fifth - "Protocol of Steiner" - myth, cultivated by "PLANS Inc."
"Value should be attached solely to the mutual exchange between individuals. It is irrelevant whether someone is a Jew or a German ... This is so obvious that one feels stupid even putting it into words. So how stupid must one be to assert the opposite!"

Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, September 1897, in Collected essays 1887-1901 (Collected works, vol. 31)

For a number of years now, PLANS has focused an intensive smear campaign against Rudolf Steiner at its site, based on the following favorite myth. These myths are a central tool in PLANS' anti-Waldorf campaign:

"Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophy and Waldorf education are anti-Semitic."
This particular myth, in the words of one casual reader of the PLANS site, depicts Waldorf schools as a kind of "nazi training camp".


The "anti-Semitic myth" is introduced by PLANS with two out-of-context "quotes" from the published works of Rudolf Steiner, one from 1888 and another from 1922, which when examined more closely, turn out to be part of arguments for the opposite of what the quotes seem to imply on first impression. 

This is a common practice for PLANS: extract quotations from Steiner and manipulate them so that the desired implication is achieved, usually the exact opposite of what Steiner actually said.

For a description and comment in detail on the two quotes, see quote one and quote two.

This myth tries to depict Rudolf Steiner as an anti-Semitic, pro-Aryan supremacist. PLANS has found that this myth, understandably, is particularly effective in inciting feelings ranging from strong antipathy to hatred against anthroposophy and Waldorf education in the Jewish community. This myth has worked so well that is not very different, somewhat ironically, from the "Protocols of Zion" forgery which was used a century ago to incite anger and hatred against Jews, by cultivating the myth of a secret, hidden "Jewish world conspiracy" to take over the world.

For more on this, see here.

See also our page on PLANS' own "Anthroposophical world conspiracy" myth (that the secret agenda of Waldorf education, not divulged to the parents, is to train the future rulers of the world) for more comments.


In addition to the two Steiner "quotes", PLANS' "Protocol of Steiner" myth is also based for the most part on the work of left wing activist, Peter Staudenmaier, which is published at the PLANS site.

Around December 1999, Mr. Staudenmaier made up a similar "forgery" about Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, and made it the basis and introduction to his writings on anthroposophy. Mr. Staudenmaier writes as though he is an "historical scholar" (he is currently a graduate student) but repeatedly mixes truths with untruths in his writings.

Mr. Staudenmaier's initial introductory remarks about Steiner contain a string of untruthful statements and characterizations about the content of a well-documented and published lecture series held by Rudolf Steiner in Oslo in 1910. Mr. Staudenmaier uses this false characterization of Steiner's thought as the introduction to a demonizing article about anthroposophically based activities, titled "Anthroposophy and ecofascism".

For a detailed analysis and documentation of the extent of Mr. Staudenmaier's fabrications in this article, see a study by Daniel Hindes.

Mr. Staudenmaier's fabrications, in his introductory paragraphs, completely lack support in any part of what he claims Steiner said, not only in the lecture, but also in the lecture series as a whole. Yet through his fabrications, Mr. Staudenmaier portrays Steiner in effect as a proto-Nazi, promoting an Aryan supremacist style ideology. And Mr. Staudenmaier's article is used by PLANS as their basic introductory "explanation" of Steiner.

When various people have pointed out the untruthfulness of what he wrote in relation to the actual published lecture, Mr. Staudenmaier has asserted, both that his description of the lecture actually is well-supported by the published lecture, and also has indicated that what he describes is a special lecture, not published in the lecture series. But at no time has Mr. Staudenmaier produced any documentation showing that the lecture corresponding to his description actually exists.

In spite of criticism pointing to the total lack of documentation regarding the existence of the special "lecture" whose content he describes in his introduction, Mr. Staudenmaier repeatedly defended his characterizations with different "flip-flopping" explanations about the lecture and lecture series, until it has become evident to all that the introduction constitutes essentially a complete fabrication by Mr. Staudenmaier.

In discussions, he has told that he made it up, based on loose reading of journals without reading the actual source, and that he wrote it "merely" as an “opening device” for the publication of his article in Norway, which was an especially bad choice, as hte anthroposophists in Norway during Nazi times in Europe belonged to those that most most explicitly critizised its racism and anti-Semitism at the time.


Despite the fact that the untruthful characterizations, present even in the introductory paragraphs of Mr. Staudenmaier's article, were fully demonstrated to Mr. Dugan, PLANS has continued to continue to publish the article, uncorrected, in its original form at its site for five years, together with a number of other similarly untruthful articles by Mr. Staudenmaier.

When Mr. Dugan has been criticized for a number of untruths published at PLANS' site, Mr. Dugan not only has not corrected the materials or removed them (other than very marginally), but instead has added a disclaimer in the articles section at the site:

"PLANS does not necessarily agree with or vouch for the veracity of everything posted in this section."
This indicates pretty clearly that Mr. Dugan and PLANS do not care much about the actual truthfulness of what they publish at their site, as long as it is of use in PLANS' diatribes, not only against public Waldorf-methods schools, but against Waldorf education in general.

The continued publication, and defense of the publication, of Mr. Staudenmaier's demonizing material, which has been shown to be untruthful, is a major reason, we feel, for characterizing the PLANS' web site content as close to hate speech, despite the veneer of civility at the site.


A recent academic study of former Waldorf pupils in Sweden demonstrates the opposite of what Peter Staudenmaier and PLANS contend with their cultivation of the "Protocol of Steiner" myth.

The study (2002-2005) of several hundred Swedish Waldorf students, who had attended a Waldorf school for the majority of the normal (in Sweden) twelve years, comparing them with pupils in the corresponding grades in municipal (public) schools, showed, among other things, that the majority of the pupils in both types of school repudiated Nazism and racism.

However, the proportion of pupils who suggested anti-Nazi and anti-racist solutions, i.e., solutions that involved counteracting or stopping Nazism and racism -- in contrast to what Mr. Staudenmaier's articles on the PLANS site imply (i.e. "nazi training camp") -- was considerably greater among the Waldorf pupils than among pupils at municipal schools.


For Mr. Dugan's reasoning while PLANS continues to publish Mr. Staudenmaier's articles, despite their demonstrated untruthfulness, see here.

Peter Staudenmaier later was joined for a time a number of years ago by Peter Zegers in the Netherlands, in other discussions standing out as a somewhat extreme defender of Zionism, to an extent even commented on by Noam Chomsky as surpassing absurdity.

When Peter Staudenmaier's forgery has been exposed, he has said -- in discussions outside the context of PLANS -- that he corrected it in later translations of his article. When it was pointed out that his forgery is still found at the PLANS site and the site of the Institute for Social Ecology, where he works, he answered in personal correspondence:

"I don't take these things nearly as seriously as you do".
Thus, the "Protocol of Steiner" mythology, cultivated by PLANS and Mr. Staudenmaier, continues to spread PLANS' deliberate defamations of Rudolf Steiner, anthroposophy and Waldorf education on the Internet.

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