Lectures by Rudolf Steiner on
The Universal Human
In 1909, 1910 and 1916, Rudolf Steiner held four lectures, later published by Anthroposophic Press in the U.S. as "The Universal Human".

The lectures were:

- "Individuality and the Group-Soul," held in Munich, Dec. 4,

- "The God Within and the God of Outer Revelation" held in
  Munich, Dec. 7, 1909 (two of a series of lectures on The
  Deeper Secrets of the Development of Humanity in the
  Light of the Gospels),

- "The Lord of the Soul," held in Munich, Dec. 12, 1910 (one
  lecture in a series on Excursions into the Gospel of Marc),

- "The Universal Human: the Unification of Humanity
  through the Christ Impulse," held in Bern, Jan. 9, 1916 as
  part of a lecture series with the same name.